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Snowflake Obsidian

November 17, 2015

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Snowflake (snō –ˌflāk) Obsidian (əb-ˈsi-dē-ən) – a dark natural glass formed during the cooling of lava containing crystalline impurities.


Nature, in its simplistic beauty amazes me.


There is not much quite like batting your eyes open on a brisk morning in Bogotá, Colombia. Eyes quickly adjusting to the magnificently radiant light that is the morning sunrise. Kindred soul by your side, encompassed by a tangible feeling of positivity that does indeed still exist in a world shrouded by hate. The day begins…


When was the last time…


Going through the tedious, yet necessary task of preparing our body and mind for the day about to be spent in constant judgment and scrutiny.


Allowing ourselves to be influenced by opinion. Responding to e-mail, but first, revising to find the “correct” word and time for this encounter to take place. Social constructs running our lives. Shielding ourselves from what it once meant to be alive.


We, as a society, have begun to live in fear. Fear of opinions, of the unknown, and of each other. Our lives have become closed off from interpersonal connection and experience. We decide what is correct, not from our own moral compass, but from what we have absorbed in a world where everything is just a click away. What will others think of me if this is how I talk, dress, act, experience the world… This has become instilled in our mentality.


When was the last time…


Your morning commute, mind engulfed in a virtual world filling even the loneliness of psyches with connection, when all we need is sitting directly across from us. Sitting behind a screen, oblivious to the sheer beauty existing just outside that window, just behind that screen, just inside that soul.


Fueling your body with nutrients, reverting back to that place of insecurity.


Our intrinsic muscles tensed, withholding emotion desperately trying to escape, desperately trying to connect, desperately trying to feel. Returning to a hidden view, encompassed by a lack of individuality. Headphones in, eyes lowered, creativity shut off, leading a dull existence.


Shift your perspective…


The sun reminding us that light rises from the darkness, that darkness is only the absence of light.


When was the last time you noticed the beauty in front of you…

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