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Trauma - a trigger word in our society... yet it doesn't exist.

Merely a label some place on a specific reference point in time to justify why they have yet to create the life of their dreams.

I lost my mother to cancer at 17, best friend at 19, and got 2 DUIs while drinking myself into oblivion during the darkest point of my life.

Some would never have recovered, yet I knew these experiences were happening for me & would be a blessing.

I went on to play Ice Hockey semi-professionally, acted professionally for both Stage & Film, opened properties for a Fortune 500 hospitality company, have traveled estensively, and have founded 4 companies.

My past has uniquely prepared me to design my own destiny, and redefine what it means to care for others along the way.

I now write about systems, psychology & technology, host a podcast, maintain a select list of private clients, facilitate 3 intl. wellness retreats per year & am opening a wellbeing resort in Costa Rica.

Design simply, live intentionally & create authentically.

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