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Create, Systemize, and Scale Your Online Course



Simplicity Scales, Complexity Fails

Do it all... just not at once. 

For 3 years we tried to do it all, all at once, and learned a lot of lessons in the process. Queue the creation and implementation of a simple selling system... our business exploded.

Thus The Mindful Method was born... a stupid-simple 5-part selling system (outlined below) designed to help you get more customers, make more per customer, and keep them coming back for more... for online high-ticket course creators and service-based business.


Video Hours


DFY Templates


Battle-Tested System


Module 1

Formidable Foundations

Break down the complexities of any business model and create a concrete foundation upon which you’ll be able to build a scalable business, one capable of growing to 8-figures and beyond.


Discover how to leverage the power of the largest community-building platform on the planet, FacebookTM Groups, and set up strategic systems that will allow you to attract and monetize your dream clients from day one.

Module 2

Outstanding Offers

People only care about themselves, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves otherwise. Period. It’s with this knowledge that you’re able to strategically position your product, program, or service that visibly and emotionally resonates with your dream clients on a benefit-driven level.


Create not only a benefit-driven outstanding offer complete with a skepticism slicing guarantee but also completely removes objections at the root by covering them in the offer itself. Do this wrong and you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle every step of the way.

Module 2

Module 3.1

Sequence Systemization

When you fix the inputs, the outputs fix themselves, and far too many business owners and entrepreneurs assume they can do it all, forever. It’s this limiting mindset that has held you back and kept you exactly where you are now.


Discover how to harness the power of technology to effectively enlist millions of selling soldiers on your behalf to grow into an absolute powerhouse of profit, potential, and problem-solving prowess.

Module 3.2

Salesperson Systemization

All businesses run on systems, as you’ll learn in 3.1, and those systems are then run by people. Unfortunately, most business owners and entrepreneurs neglect the fact that their teams are a system in and of themselves.


Create & implement battle-tested scripts, frameworks & SOP’s in a way that ensures you’re operating at your maximum potential. Additionally, you’ll gain the ability to recognize potential problems before they form and put the proper steps in place to continually grow revenues month over month.

Module 3.2

Module 4

Mindful Marketing

Advertising is nothing more than an amplification process, and if your systems aren’t successfully dialed in and converting prior to launching a Mindful Marketing campaign, then all you’re doing is effectively amplifying a negative.


Craft compelling marketing campaigns that, while automated, do not negate the need for authentic connection. This will allow you to flip the script on the entire sales and marketing process... ultimately granting you the keys to the online kingdom, i.e. the ability to command attention, rather than try to demand it.

Module 5

Authentic Authority

An often overlooked area and that’s because most are far too concerned with income rather than the impact they’re making in the lives of their clients. Business is all about solving problems, and because of that, your revenue is directly connected to your ability to make an impact.


Discover how to create brand authority from the ground up, set your business up for long term success, capitalize on a rewarding referral structure, and create a respectful environment that allows you to finally live the life you’ve always

Module 5


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